Welcome to Enhanced Performance Galway

We bring together a team of performance specialists in S&C, nutrition, transformation, physical therapy, mind-set, performance analysis and training. 

We work with individuals from all walks of life.  elite professional athletes & teams along with offering programs for amateur, schools, young athletes, 

master athletes and for anyone that would like to improve performance.      


Founded in 2012 by Tom French as a go to place for all your health and fitness needs. 

Due to continued success EP now offer people from all walks of life a chance to train under professional guidance. 


Whether you are just new to exercise or would like to improve running technique, improve speed, strength power & performance, back to play from injury, focus the mind-set,

get customized performance analysis or fitness tested we customize the programming and planning specific to your needs and sport to help you reach your goals. 


Our  facilities headquarters are based in Galway Ireland.  If you don't live near us you can choose to do one of our online Coaching or program templates.     

Whether you’re one of our professional athletes, our weekend warrior or you’ve did one of our workshops we pride ourselves in getting the chance to work with you to develop your performance.  

EP has become the national preferred place for semi & pro athletes to train, as well as the Irish leader in performance related workshops, for schools, teams, groups and individuals and training camps. 


Yours in Sport & Fitness

Tom French