Train The Trainer

  • Want to develop further as a coach?
  • Need help in your programming?
  • Need cutting edge practices to help you and your athletes?
  • Want to learn from someone that’s been there already?
  • Want to stay a step ahead of your competition?

Train the Trainer is aimed at individuals/groups of coaches/trainers/teachers/students seeking to further enhance and build on their skills in the design and delivery of sports performance.

These are very practical and interactive sessions geared to fit your specific goals. These sessions are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to run, manage and deliver effective training programme

Session Benefits

  • Ensure training achieves required learning outcomes
  • Confidence in design and delivery of your  training goals
  • Practice in structuring and delivering training
  • Cuts through all the bullshit
  • Aids personal development
  • Enhances future job prospects
  • Builds confidence
  • Creates personal awareness
  • Flexible learning

Session Programme

  • Understanding how athletes learn
  • Managing the transfer of learning to your athletes
  • Designing your objectives
  • Structuring the training content
  • Delivering the training
  • Integrating exercises, practice
  • Testing learning transfer throughout the sessions
  • Facilitating learning discussions.
  • Evaluating the training
  • Critical view point

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