Sports Speed Conditioning Program


  • Want to get faster leaner and more powerful
  • Want to train like a professional athlete for 6 weeks
  • Want to transform your body and your mind like never before 
  • Want proper sports nutrition that cuts the fat
  • Want to work under professional guidance 
  • Want to take your training where you’ve never been before


This is our gold standard program. You will train 6 days per week for 6 weeks under full supervision. 

You will work on building strength, power, speed, quickness, along with working on movement and flexibility. You will be challenged every day and progress will be made every session you will be tested and retested, you will be monitored daily. A monitoring system will be put in place to track every session plus your nutrition and wellness throughout the six weeks. Recovery strategies will be implemented along with a prehab program set up to keep you fresh. 

Be prepared to excel through the weeks, the grind will be tough but you'll survive.  You will become not only a better more powerful athlete but a well-tuned mentally and physically robust person prepared for any challenge.  


If you want to make a serious impact on how you move, eat and train, then get in while you can. (max 5 athletes per course). 


Course 1 Starts Monday 6th June

Option 1: Monday to Saturday 6.15am (Course full)

Option 2: Monday-Weds- Friday 7pm,  Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday 6.15am (Course Full) 



Course 2 Starts Monday 4th September 

Option 1: Monday to Saturday 6.15am (taken bookings)



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