• Would you like to train in a world class environment with like minded athletes
  • Do you want to be tested retested and monitored regularly
  • Do you want professional guidance to give you the best chance
  • Do you want to be in the best shape needed for your sport 
  • Do you want to train in a place that where the focus is totally on getting you better



We are offering a very limited amount of membership slots to Galway’s only SPORTS SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE FACILITY

This is a unique opportunity for just a few of you to work under professional guidance in an environment that’s tailored specifically for you the athlete. 


You will work on building strength, power, speed, quickness, along with working on movement and flexibility. You will be challenged every day and progress will be made every session you will be tested and retested, you will be monitored daily. A monitoring system will be put in place to track every session plus your nutrition and wellness throughout your entire membership. Recovery strategies will be implemented along with a pre-hab program set up to keep you fresh. 

This membership is geared for athletes at all levels who would like to improve there performance, whether it be running a marathon or participating in sport.  


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