Corrective exercise training 

Corrective exercise is a term used to describe the systematic process of identifying a neuromuscular dysfunction, developing a plan of action and implementing an integrated corrective strategy.  


In today’s world of training athletes and the general public are pretty much overdoing it,  both in the regard of running, general conditioning and not using plans that are specific to the individual. The current athletes possess major muscle imbalances and dysfunction which lead to increased incidents of injury, low-back pain, knee injuries, and other musculature injuries.  


Working with and monitoring athletes and clients over the years has led us to believe that if we can control the training environment of our athletes with less stress and a more structured way of functional training, we will have less injury and dysfunction. This method of training we have been using with our elite athletes with great effect. We now know that there is a strong need for the casual athlete to participate in a similar program to help them improve performance, reduce injury and improve times or ability to perform. This program has been put together specifically for you in mind.


Incorporated into your weekly training schedule this program is used to get the body back in sync, also throughout your 10 weeks we asses your training loads and wellness. Plus help you prepare for your upcoming events and competitions.  


If you feel you need to get yourself into a structured plan to help fix either injury or your training plan give us a call.


Details below:

Current Course: starts Monday 13th June

Day: Monday

Time:  8pm – 9.15pm

Course Length: 10 weeks

Interested? Call Tom 0879022585