Are you an aspiring young athlete that wants to train in a professional environment. We have a number of options available to suit your needs. Have a look at our programs and see which one suits you best. 


*** Youth Gym (12 –18years) ***

  • Are you a young Male / Female athlete between the ages of 12-18
  • Are you thinking of starting to lift weights 
  • Are you looking to train like the young professionals abroad
  • Do you want to improve your performances 
  • Do you want to work under professional supervising 
  • Do you want to work beside other aspiring athletes

If you answered yes to any of the above then this is the place for you

Our youth Gym offers young aspiring Athletes a chance to develop into some of the country’s best Athletes. Like all our programs this youth membership is tailored individually to the athlete and their sport.


You will work in a professional environment with other aspiring athletes from mixed sports. You will be monitored daily, you will work under guidance, you will be tested and most of all you will improve.


This is not a place where you jump into a class and do some random fitness or exercise. This is a place where your program will be tailored to help you improve performance, develop through the proper stages of growth and become a well-rounded Powerful Athlete that competes at the highest level. 

Gym Membership 

Gym memberships give the young athlete the flexibility to come in at a time that suits them. Plus they will be under total supervision at all times. 

Cost €80




Big part of any young athlete development program is the introduction of Strength & Conditioning. At the moment from what we see is that all the majority of young athletes do is run. This leads to major imbalances, risk of injury and complete burnout from the sport. When they reach the age of competing at the highest level they have actually gone back the way due to poor training and development. 

We have developed a progressive program for these young athletes no matter what stage they are at.

We run a S&C class 2 times per week where the young athletes can join in to one or two of these sessions to help complement their other training outside.

The program runs on a continual monthly basis (once the slots are gone there gone). This is not like other classes you see out there where everyone does the same thing. This  program is individualized to each of the athletes needs and sport.

If your a young aspiring athlete contact us for further details.




MONDAY - 7.00pm + THURSDAY 7.00PM 




SATURDAY 9.00AM (this session is used in case you miss a session during the week) 


2 Sessions per week paid Monthly = €60 




This is a unique opportunity for young athletes to finally fix their running mechanics. We work with athletes from all sports and help to develop and perfect their running technique. Running is the key factor in an athletes performance yet we don't teach our athletes how to run properly. 

We have set up a program that will not only help young athletes run better but get them faster. We use a scientifically proven formula with simple drills that the athletes find easy to understand and get moving better even after the first session. Don't let you young athletes get left behind.

Cost: normally we fix the running mechanics in first session but you may need more depending on ability of athlete to take on the info 

€60 for first session and €40 if there is another session needed.  

the sooner we can fix the running mechanics the better and faster the athlete will develop. 

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Training camps info coming soon