• Cant get to train in our facility ?
  • Need professional help to get you performing at your best? 
  • Want detailed coaching and training plans individually designed based solely on you ? 


We offer online coaching to a select few clients each month

Our online program helps athletes from all over the world either get back on track or who are struggling to make gains in competition and training. Our no nonsense scientific common sense approach has helped hundreds of athletes all over the world compete at their best.

Every aspect of this program is specially designed to each individual athlete and is tailored around lifestyle and current fitness levels. 

We leave no stone unturned to get you peaking at the right times and performing at your best. All you need to do is put in the work.


What’s involved? 

  • Functional Screening assessment protocol, personal assesments based around your health, training and nutrition history
  • Tailored program designed by me to suit your schedule, equipment and personal needs. 
  • Program cards, videos and all relevant documentation that will make this working relation smooth and understandable from the start and all the way trough. 
  • All stored in our very own app for you to use from you phone.
  • Supplementation advice plus recovery strategies. 


Throughout the program:

  • Guaranteed Results!
  • Weekly reviews and a skype call to check in to see if everything is going well
  • 24/7 online email support or whats app if necessary.  


All conducted online and available anywhere in the world

So only if your serious about making a change to your performances and training give us a call to discuss your options.


Yours in Sport & Fitness Tom French